Game introduction Kantai Collection “What is KanColle”

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Hello everyone.I am tori.I introduce “Kantai Collection” today.

The game is called “KanColle”.
What game is KanColle? RPG? Simulation?
I think the ultimate “Luck game”

This game has many feature.
1:WW2 warship is a motif.
2:All warships that appear are girls.
3:Logistics management is an important game design.
4:Even though it is basic free, charging elements are quite small.
But I think that the best feature is that,the elements of luck (probability) are quite strong.

Players team up with the character they collected,and aim for stage capture.The game also seems to apply to simulation in general.But luck is involved in various places,often it will be an unexpected result.

①:My ally attack is hit,and I think defeated enemies.But enemy was alive.
②:Critical hit by enemy attack.Wrecked and withdrew (failed)
③:I got out of boss root by the compass in a bad mood.
④:I killed the boss, but the character I wanted did not drop.

I’ve been playing Kancolle a long time,
but I can not count the number of times I cried tears of blood.

Then, what is interesting.It is that you can improve luck (probability) with your strategy.As for the point that luck I wrote earlier

①:Equip equipment to increase attack power.
②:Equip equipment to increase defense and avoidance.
If you take an extreme strategy you will beat first.
③:Team up to fix up to boss root.
④:Considering the optimal organization,
challenge the boss many times (solution?)

The operation of this game adjusts its probability very well.So, analyze the stage that I felt difficult, thinking about organization, the sense of accomplishment when I defeated the boss is feels good.I can not express the joy at the time I got a character I wanted.

Also, the administrator is very deep insight of warships, very important to the character.In many games, early days characters are often treated as miscellaneous, and the characters of the second half are often given preferential treatment.However all

character are cherished.Even the first character can fight until the end.The administrator knows that all warships have history.So the administrator cherishes all characters.Because player understands it, even if it charges it will try to collect more than 200 characters.

Of course there is a bad point.I think there are some characters that can not be understood by overseas people.I think it is difficult to play from abroad.However, Kancolle is a game in which enthusiasm of the administrator is transmitted.Recently, various net games have appeared, they are very sloppy and based on gift principle.Despite being such an era.Although Kancolle is simple, it is an elaborate game.So if you will live in Japan, I would like you to play Kancolle by all means.