Kancolle2Phase Beginner1 (When wrecked, you have to withdraw)

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Kancolle2Phase starts.
It began to play in iPhone.
Surely,there will be people who started the game.
As a gentleman,I teach how to play games.
There are many memorize to play.Learn little by little.

When wrecked, you have to withdraw!

I just want you to remember this.
“When wrecked, you have to withdraw!”
It is the most important thing in KanColle.

When you play the game, such a mark is displayed.
This is “TAIHA”. It means wrecked.
If you proceed to the next stage as it is,The character dies.
So When wrecked, you have to withdraw.

If it keeps this, someday it gets stronger.
But if you do not keep it,absolutely will not strong.

There will be times when you want to challenge the boss.
But if there are wrecked,you must withdraw.



When wrecked, you have to withdraw!