KanColle 2Phase (7-1 Capture information)


7-1 Capture information

The key is the number of ships.
If you go by 6 ships,
you will be sure to detour.
I tentatively organized in 4 ships.

I chose ships with high anti-submarine power.
First anti-submarine strike is very important.
I made her equipment anti-submarine.
Search enemy seems not to be affected.

Enemy information

Point F

Easy here

Point G

The number of enemies was also the case of 3 ships.
Breakdown is 1 Light cruiser and 2 destroyers.
This team has a strong torpedo attack.
I have no choice but to pray here.

Point H

Easy too


It is easy if you made her equipment anti-submarine.
The last battle was not change too.


Route fixation was the hardest.
It was easy if route fixation was found.