KanColle 2Phase Capture (4-5 high speed+ root)


4-5 high speed+ root

This is the information taught by a friend.
In 4-5,that route was discovered.
The root terms is that all girls become high speed+.


Enemy information

Point D
4-5-DWeak submarine

Point H

Regular enemies


You only have to fight three times!
There is enough fuel and ammunition.
So Less damage.

Team girls

4-5 team
There is no problem even if combining battleship and aircraft carrier into 4 ships.
I put l
ight cruiser in countermeasure of submarine.

All girls become high speed+.
4 battleship and aircraft are OK.
There is enough fuel and ammunition so Less damage.

See you again!(*^-‘)/~☆Bye-Bye♪