KanColle 2Phase (Reset Captured the stage)

navy base│´ω`)ノ

KanColle 2Phase start !
I felt it for a long time
I was waiting for this time.
It’s not a time to write a blog.

Let’s be cool.
I have to tell everyone KanColle.
What has changed?

Reset Captured the stage


I cleared all the stages.
But it had to play from the first stage

Select team

OK,I’ll do it! I’ll use honey ship(yomekan) YAMATO(Battleship)

The appearance has not changed much.
I feel very smooth.
This is the power of 2phase!!

You are smooth, too.I was surprised.www

I have defeated the boss without problems.

Michishio was drop.2Phase is very high resolution.
It is a pity that everyone do not understand on the blog.

And the next stage appears.OK,I’ll do it!

See you again!(*^-‘)/~☆Bye-Bye♪