[KanColle] Early Fall 2018 Event stage2 Capture Defeat operation

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<September 12>
Capture information is unfinished.
This is an interim capture information.
Updated from time to time.

Early Fall 2018 Event stage2 map

Capture team

I take team that is a same transport operation.
Because I save Characters to Ship-tag Lock(sticker).
And the team can use shortest route.

This is a cruiser weapon.
Zuiun(Seaplane Bomber)?
It will annihilate immediately.

Special Amphibious Tank,Landing Craft,Anti-Ground Equipment
If you have these,BOSS is easy.

I use surplus destroyer for antiaircraft.
Of course,Using for Land base BOSS is OK.

The submarine is very strong in point D.
I beat it by LBAS.

Enemy information

Boss is weak if attack hits it by Special Amphibious Tank.
So pray
Pray that the tank will attack the boss!
If you hit, you can defeat BOSS by only one attack.

2nd form of BOSS

shi is mad because shi is attacked too much.
But I defeat by only one attack.