[KanColle] Early Fall 2018 Event stage2 Capture transport operation

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<September 9>
Capture information is unfinished.
This is an interim capture information.
Updated from time to time.

Early Fall 2018 Event stage2 map

The number of combat is less.
But enemy torpedo is strong.

Capture team

Kamikaze can Preemptive anti-submarine attack.
Because point D submarine is very strong.
She placed third.
Othera are to equip transport.

Enemy information

Point C

Point D

the submarine is very very strong.
If submarine is minor damage,it is very strong.

Point C D:Vanguard Formation
BOSS:Line ahead Formation

It is impossible to WIn [S]
You had better to compromise [A].



Prepare a character that beat anti-submarine.
You had better t
o compromise
[A] in BOSS battle