[KanColle] Early Fall 2018 Event stage2 Play diary1″Submarine is too strong!”

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Because I am 2nd stage, I had been careless.

Submarine is too strong!
I lost to her many times.
So It is required that preemptive strike submarine.

LIFE is too high!
490 is abnormal!

Are you really coming to a vacation?
Have not you come to combat?

It seems I was a bit confused.
But there is no problem if it is not careless.

When i team up correctly,
I could go to the boss smoothly.

And I repeated victory[A],

I clear the stage safely.

I want to tell in the end.
“Submarine is too strong!”

This is the end this time.
See you again!(*^-‘)/~☆Bye-Bye♪