Xenoblade Chronicles 2

[Xenoblade 2]Torna-The Golden Country- breaking review

It is to  be deliver that Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Torna -The Golden Country-
It is the story when Malos rampaged 500 years before the events of the Xenoblade 2.

It is a story that Jin and Lora play an active part.

I had waited for today that be deliver that Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Torna -The Golden Country-
I used paid holidays today to play.


As expected the movie is very good.
It is expressing a fine facial expressions.
This is very good.

surprise and amazement are expressed very well.


So far hero Addam has scarcely come out.
He did not put out his face even in main part(Rex period).
His face is revealed,and understand personality.
If you play main part(Rex period),
I sure you enjoy Torna-The Golden Country-.

Besides that the view of the world at that time is expressed.
You can understand Amalthus’s actions.


The battle is a bit different from main part(Rex period)
Rex was fighting in pairs.
Jin and Lora were fighting in turn.

The two games are very similar.
But the strategy is totally different.


The thtorial was less in main part(Rex period).
But in this game,the explanation is easy to understand than main part.

There are also a tutorial quests.
It is deepening the understanding battle manual.

Additional system

There are an additional systems.

This is a [Camp].
Each make something good at it.
I was surprised that Mythra makes  strange cuisines.
Please check the cooks of Mythra yourself.

Hitonowa[circle of people] becomes big with quest clear.
I had ignored the quest in main part(Rex period).
I will enjoy the quests and Hitonowa.


If you play main part(Rex period),
There is no loss after play Torna-The Golden Country-.
Most buy and play!