Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Xenoblade 2 relation between Rex and Addam

Main character of Xenoblade 2, Rex, sync with Pyra and became the driver of the Holy Grail.

Also,the hero Addam 500 years ago from the time of Rex,became in sync with Mythra and became the driver of the Holy Grail.

They are same the drivers of the Holy Grail. I guessed in this way by playing Xenoblade 2 and Torna.

Rex is a descendant of Addam

This is my guess and not stated in the game. It is only an inference derived from the information implied from the explanation and performance in the game. So I would like to share my thoughts with you as a player.

Premise Xenoblade 2 has no useless expressions and serifs.

One of the reasons I like Xenoblade 2 is that there are no useless statements in many scene.

In Xenoblade 2, not only serifs, but also camera cuts and facial expressions are made very well.So it is possible,that is dropping an advance hintsuch in the movie.

For example, the hidden hints of Nia that were not understood in the first play will become noticeable in the second play.The Nia expression in that movie is the hidden hints.

Other, Pyra’s real purpose is the hidden hints by various facial expressions and serifs in the movies.

Of course, there are gag scenes in that movie too. However, this is because if the scene is much more serious or important, the player will be tired and will not concentrate, so it will take time to breathe.

From now on, my thoughts is based on that each character’s facial expression and serifs are meaningful.

Premise 1 Rex and Addam’s eye

Rex and Malos first battle

Please look at the image.Rex and Addam’s eyes are gold, but they are slightly different. Addam is a light gold, on the other hand Rex is a dark gold. The same gold color is a different color. Rex and Nia are closer.

Then, what is the basis ? The answer is Malos’s serifs. At the end of the first chapter of the main story, Rex and Pyra battled Malos. Then Malos tweeted.

“I should have been wary of the color of the eyes”

Why do Malos need to be vigilant? Rex wondered and asked questions, but Malos replied, “Tell me not!”

Addam and Malos first battle

In the same way as, Malos fighted against Addam in the Torna edition. Needless to say, the battle movie is wonderful, but while Malos is in the process of making a connection with Addam, he points out that he is a child of the concubine and talks about the color of Addam’s eyes.

As expected, Mr.Malos is strongest in both the main part and the Ela part by stiring up.

Why did the producer make Malos say this? Is it because the producer want to appeal to Malos’s diligence? Or did the producer want to express Malos’s stiring is the performance of the Holy Grail? I think it ’s different.

I think the producer want to suggest that Rex and Addam have the same eyes.

Why did the colors of the two eyes change? Probably the same in early design.

In fact, the original Lex h air was the same silver color as Addam. However, it may have been changed by subsequent design changes or modeling.

Fortunately, the original picture on the home page looks almost the same, only the light intensity is different. You can think of the two eyes having the same color.

Premise 2 Rex was not born in Inasaki Village but opened the door

Rex’s real birthplace

Inside the sunken ship

Rex’s mother came to Iyasaki village from another place. And she asked Rex for the villagers and died.

This information is confirmed information that Aunt Corel explained to Pyra in Chapter 6.

In other words, Rex is not born in Inasaki Village.

Where Rex was born? I think probably he was born Gormott. Before the Rexes traveled, a large number of refugees are emerged from Gormott by the war.

In the story of Aunt Corel, Rex’s parents did not explain merchants or travelers. There was also no depiction of being attacked by monsters.

Therefore, it is reasonable to think that Rex’s family is a refugee from Gormott and was died on the move.

To summarize my guess, Rex was born in Gormott and grew up in Libera Litas (Iyasaki Village).

A big question arises as to what this means. Why did Rex open the door of the Pyra sealed room and the door of Spirit Crucible Elpys?

Conditions for opening the door

Both doors are said to be opened only by liberals. Rex had grow in Rivera, but born in Gormott.

Therefore, the Rex cannot be opened. But he opened the door.

Can anyone open it if they live in Liberalitas? Then anyone can open it, and there is no point in restricting it.

In other words, it is safe to think that opening the door is a pedigree.

In particular, Spirit Crucible Elpys is originally the spirit cave of the Ela royal family, so it should be stricter.

In addition, Addam is remodeling the spirit cave of the Torna royal family and digging to his emblem. That is not the coat of arms the Ela royal family.

What is Leftherian?

After the Holy Grail War, Addam asks the Resistance Army to speak through Laura.
“When you feel calm, come to Leftherian Archipelago”

The unmanned Ars found by Addam in the Torna edition may be Leftherian Archipelago. Also, in Chapter 7 of main part, Azurda explains that Iyasaki village was makede by Addam, also known as “Hero Village”.

From this, we can see that Addam made Iyasaki village with the survival of the resistance army. In other words, the Leftherian will form the lineage of the Torna people.

But here comes the question. Why doesn’t Rex who grew up in Iyasaki Village know about it? It’s no wonder that there are one or two old tales in the village. It is normal to think that it was intentionally erased.

Pope Amalthus who attacked the Torna Kingdom,and Kingdom of Tantal that using the dignity of the hero Addam.In order to escape from them, the tales were erased.

And if Addam was present in the Village, it would lead to war. so after the village was established, Addam would have left the Iyasaki village and disappeared according to the tradition. By the ways, there are no people with golden eyes in Iyasaki Village.

After the Holy Grail War, Amalthus has sent the Pope’s army to the people displaced Torna.So Torna people are aimost no destroyed except for the kingdom of Tamtal and the Iyasaki village.

An Torna lineage from Gormott is the descendant of the hero Addam or the descendant of Iyasaki Village.

Why Rex was able to open the door?

The Torna lineage was necessary to open the door. The fact that Rex born Gormott was opened.

Rex’s ancestor is Addam or Iyasaki Village.

Premise 3 Azurda was watching over Rex

One of the reasons is that Azurda has been watching Rex for a long time. The ground is weak, but the relationship between Azurda and Rex is also strange.

It is not how Ars Azurda taught Rex arts. That is why Azurda watches over Rex.

When Rex lived in Iyasaki village, he was an orphan, and it is no wonder Azurda takes care of him. However, it is strange to stand by him together after he became a salvager.

500 years ago, Azurda settled down in Iyasaki village to protect Spirit Crucible Elpys where the sword of the third Holy Grail was sealed.Because Azurda was entrusted by Addam.

There Should be a reason why Azurda throw out it Addam’s request for 500 years and follow Rex.

The reason is probably that Azurda knew or realised that there was something related to Rex and Addam other than the Holy Grail.

Azurda has also participated in the Malos subjugation 500 years ago and knows a lot about Mythra and Shin. But basically he don’t talk to Rex. It is no wonder that there is a relationship between Rex and Addam while not talking about it.

It is Azurda’s kindness that he doesn’t tell Rex for won’t get disturbance of Holy Grail.

Summary Rex is a descendant of Addam

It’s quite long sentence,these is summaries
・Rex and Addam have the same eye color.
・Rex was born in Gormott and raised in Iyasaki village, descendant of Addam or Iyasaki villager
・Azurda watches over Rex so that he throw out it Addam’s request for 500 years.

From the above I guess.

Rex is a descendant of Addam

Of course, as I have said many times, these are all presented situational evidence and there was no clear explanation in the game. Also, my reasoning is quite forcefully.

However, since the color of the eyes was clearly described in Torna, I think that Rex is a descendant of Addam.